Best Kettlebell Exercises For Women – Check Them Out!

Experts have found out recently that Kettlebell training among women is extremely common.

In reality, more women than men buy kettlebells and related items. Maybe they knew that the Kettlebells were not just a large piece of iron for men alone.

Best Women Kettlebell Exercises

With Kettlebells, women get some amazing results.

This is because most Kettlebell movements form strong and lean hips and thighs. These are the trouble areas for women, and conventional training is very hard to target. 

Arm KB swings
  • Stand slightly wider with your feet and shoulder-width apart. With two hands between your thighs, hold a kettlebell. Tighten the abs and push out the hips.
  • Bend your knees and pull the Kettlebell across your legs backward. Hold your abs close, and drive your hips forward, swinging your arms up with the Kettlebell.
  • Squeeze up your glutes when you completely stand up. As you force your hips back and bend your knees again, hold your abs tight and your arms straight, putting the Kettlebell back between your thighs.
  • To step straight to the next step, use this momentum. Use your hips to produce the power to swing the Kettlebell is completely necessary.
  • The majority of beginners make the mistake of pushing the Kettlebell with their arms and shoulders. The more strength you use your hips to produce, the higher the Kettlebell can go.
Arm KB Snatch
  • Stand with your feet apart from the width of your shoulder with a Kettlebell between your legs on the floor. Push back your hips and lean over with your hands until you hit the Kettlebell.
  • Take the two-handed Kettlebell. Now stand up with the swings the same way you did-thrust your hips forward. However, you use your arms and shoulders to raise the Kettlebell to your face with this action.
  • Flip your thumbs under the handle until the Kettlebell is at the level of your face and force the Kettlebell up higher, above your head. In other words, there are two parts of this movement: pulling the Kettlebell to the level of your face, then moving the Kettlebell higher up past your ears.
  • Get the weight down and repeat. This movement will prepare you better for the KB Snatch 1-arm.
Arm KB Snatch
Walking overhead lunges
  • Stand upright, with your feet apart from the width of your shoulder. With one hand straight above your head, hold a kettlebell. Your elbows get locked out a lot. Keep your back smooth and your abs tight.
  • Hold the Kettlebell straight over or slightly behind your back. Don’t drop it in front of your head, or else you’re going to lose your balance. While holding the Kettlebell above your head, lunge forward.
  • Bend all knees and make sure that the ground is flat on your front foot. With your rear leg, push off and move forward to reach the front leg. With the Kettlebell still above your head, you should be in a standing position.
  • By doing the Kettlebell overhead hold and walking lunge independently, you can practice this movement.
Walking overhead lunges
Front Squat
  • Hold a kettlebell at chest height with two hands. Your hands are on the sides of your handle rather than on the top of your grip.
  • With your elbows tucked in, keep your shoulders down. Like you would in a normal squat, tighten your abs and push your hips out. When your thighs are slightly beyond parallel, bend your knees to stop the motion.
4.	Front Squat


These are some of the best kettlebells exercises for women that you must try out for a perfectly lean body.

Follow them regularly and enjoy a slim and perfectly shaped body.