MemorySafeX Review- The Most Secure And Efficient Backup Device 2020!

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It is infrequent that products like MemorySafeX appear to us and we get to see it regularly. In our busy world, noticing a USB drive will never be pragmatic because there are thousands of brands around us and we are just confused to buy a new brand.

Another thing is the busy life and people think that all USB drives are of the same use and functions. In certain cases, some of the biggest and successful brands have been duped by fake products and the brand value has been spoiled.

It is hard to believe whether the flash drive we are about to buy is a real or a spurious one. Each day technology rise has increased our necessity for storage drives and we no longer carry pen drives of 2 GB or 4 GB or even 8gbs as our necessity has multiplied.

But even after carrying flash drives and hard disks, we tend to lose our important data that might be work-related or family-related.

memorysafex vs photo stick

Most of the time, losing your photographs through a crashed pen drive or hard drive will be like losing the only proof that your memorable past was worth remembering.

Today, I will be disclosing to you about a product through my MemorySafeX review. A tool that works well on your phone or maybe on your desktop or laptop systems.

You will never have to worry about using the device with its simplicity and an easy mode to operate it.

So keep clicking as many pictures as you want and you could decide whether this product is worth a try or not.

So before that get started and keep going with my Memory SafeX review  to read it completely and that will show you the difference

What is it?

MemorySafeX is a backup device that has been designed and developed for the sole purpose of storing important and confidential data.


Data including company documents, reports, and projects, technical test sample images, personal data including images and videos that are worth remembering are all considered important.

The device can be accessed without any difficulty and you will never have to worry about your crashed phone or laptop.

Based on MemorySafeX review, the device is equipped with dual ports on either side, one side with a USB-A port that lets you directly plug and play an ios or an android compatible pin on the other end.

This allows you to directly copy files to and from the device.  It has a 64GB capacity worth storing 64000 images on it. Since you can directly plug this device into your phones, you will never have that error message caused by low memory.

You can also store your data directly to the drive when memory problems arise. At times, you can save all your stuff to the drive when there is an important update that is unavoidable.

MemorySafeX Technical Facts

✅ USB Type-A  and USB Type-C compatible with phone storage and back up

✅ Plug and Play without any delay

✅ Data transmission is direct and pacey

✅ A built-in app that protects the data and helps you understand a fake product

✅ 64 GB disk space  for direct phone backup


What Makes MemorySafeX Special?

MemorySafeX has been a distinctive tool that comes with a built-in system or software, whatever you want to call them.

It will be able to find out all the images, videos, and documents that are on your device, and cleans up the duplicate files, stores it in a systematic way.

It has never been this easy for storing all your important files from your laptop or your smartphone.

Just as MemorySafeX review, this will solve your problem when your system crashes or when your smartphone stops working. If you think that storing all your private data in the cloud is safe then you are completely wrong.


The world is full of hackers and saving confidential or personal data on the cloud will be unsafe. So in such cases, you need a solution that is fast, reliable, and efficient enough to keep your data safe.

MemorySafeX is one of the safest solutions you could opt for. If you think of the price to be expensive, then that is wrong as the product is available for you at a reasonable price

MemorySafeX features

✔ Instantaneous and meteoric backup tool for your important data storage needs

✔ A high capacity 64GB storage memory that has a fast USB 3.0 version.

✔ Quickplay when you plug into any device without waiting long

✔ MemorySafeX has a high compatibility ratio with iOS and Android devices of almost all kinds.

✔ Data is safe and secure when you transfer all your media files. You won’t have to worry about the virus attack or crash of your device.

✔ Money value is high and you don’t have to do deal with future subscriptions and upgrades as it is already having a USB 3.0 loaded.

How many photos can you save in the MemorySafeX?

The storage capacity of MemorySafeX is 64 GB and can store a plethora of data including pictures, videos, and documents that are of high importance. Since the technology-driven era that we live in has many devices with extreme picture quality, the image size would only be higher.

But that does not affect the 64 GB MemorySafeX device that is sleek and speedy.

If you are having more videos and fewer images, then everything depends on the size of the video, and the number of files copied will be less. But at the same, if you are copying only images, then it will be stored more in numbers when compared to the videos you copy.

I believe, this device is the most worthy solution to save your data. The company claims that you will be able to store 64000 images in the MemorySafeX device safely and securely.

Why Choose MemorySafeX?

It is not always possible that you can trust a well-established brand because there are exact clones that are 200% better looking than the real product. I had a personal experience of buying one of the top brands from a local store and ended up falling into a trap.

Not realizing that I was in a trap I tried several times to copy my documents and the copying speed kept declining and its hours and days kept spiking, even after I left my system open and slept off to wake up in the morning and the copy of a 2 GB file was still copying.

MemorySafeX is nothing like such a product that I had tried. It is a completely legit product that can be purchased directly from its official website and there is no worry remaining when you need to buy the product.

You will never pay monthly subscriptions anymore for platforms that store your data. The best thing about the MemorySafeX is that it is compatible with an apple as well as android. 

Have you come across any such storage devices that have been universally usable? MemorySafeX is the right solution and is the answer to your storage needs.

In general, you could say that MemorySafeX has a lot of good things.

✅ The speed and quick detection are stunningly great with the USB 3.0 port it has. A plug and play option is highly reliable and not time-wasting.

✅ An all-in-one power pack that works commonly on apple and android devices by installing the app from the play store or the app store has never been this useful.

✅ Things will work by itself

✅ You don’t have to waste time finding duplicate files on your device. Everything gets checked and removed easily. This will save so much of your time

✅ As stated by MemorySafeX review, backing up is easy and need no internet to help you out and does not put you in complications that lead to losing your important data 

✅ The format is all supported and you can store videos, images, songs, and documents of any type on the device.

MemorySafeX Price

If you are not wanting to fall into a trap of mysteries that scammers have prepared for all, then I suggest you check out the MemorySafeX through the official link only.

Since the product has earned some fame, there has been an internet scam attack on a few users who wanted to purchase the product.

The best thing you will get is the discounted rate and free shipping on the product if you choose the direct site link.

There are 5 pricing availabilities that you could choose to opt for if you find it right to own one for you

1 piece of MemorySafeX will cost you only $59

2 pieces of MemorySafeX will be costing you only $45 for each device

4 pieces of MemorySafeX will be available at a rate of $32 per piece

Buy 3 and get 2 free offer- $30 for each piece

Buy 2 and get 1 free offer- $ 36 per piece

How can you get hands-on it?

MemorySafeX can be owned from the official website and that will be the safest method. The benefit of buying it from the official website is that you don’t have to compromise the quality of the product.

Moreover, you get a 50% discounted rate and also free stuff which will not be available through any other platforms. So make sure you get your MemorySafeX directly.

MemorySafeX Review: Verdict

Writing about a flash drive was never in mind until I met this beauty. I hope my MemorySafeX review has been very worthwhile for you to understand the product better.

Never have I heard of a flash drive that supports all systems and compatible with all devices. I believe it would be the same for you as well. The best solution that can store all your backup files safe and secure is what MemorySafeX is all about.

Now the promotion discount has driven more traffic to the page, making the stocks finish soon. So if you step forward, then MemorySafeX might be yours as well. If you are convinced of whatever I have spoken about the product then there is no much time for you to waste.

Make things easy and store all your valuable pictures and videos that are memories before you lose them. Store all of your data to MemorySafeX device no matter what.

If you do not want to risk losing your data, then do not risk the product to stock out.

Order MemorySafeX device today