Sharp Ear Reviews – A Recommended Ear Health Supplement 2020!

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Growing old can be a very different experience for many! As we age, we start showing the hallmark symptoms of hearing loss and deafness. This may include- struggling to hear even loud noises, slipping of memory and sharpness, etc.

Sharp Ear special supplement

One may be tempted to believe that these are the natural symptoms of aging, but no one should have to go through these alienating conditions. Hearing loss is not only related to the ears but also involves the processes of the brain.

Sharp Ear, which is a dietary supplement, claims to help us break free of these hearing loss symptoms and slow down the degeneration of brain cells.

An n-depth review of Sharp Ear can help us decide why using this supplement is better than just treating the symptoms of hearing loss.

What is it?

Sharp Ear is a dietary supplement composed of all natural ingredients. Click Sales Inc, a Delaware based company markets it.


It is known to manufacture all-natural dietary supplements that are targeted towards reducing severe health conditions.

Sharp Ear special supplement is known to eliminate tinnitus, memory loss, brain fog, and hearing loss.

This supplement targets the root cause of hearing loss, which is an impaired connection between the ears and the brain.

This leads to a loss of communication between the neurotransmitters and the neurons, which is the primary cause of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

The Ingredients

Sharp Ear supplement contains a blend of natural and organic ingredients. None of the Sharp Ear ingredients are dangerous or habit forming.

Based on Sharp Ear reviews, the formula also does not contain any chemicals or fillers. The primary ingredients of the hearing loss support supplement are mentioned below:


Ginkgo Biloba– It is a medicinal plant used both in folk and common medicine, to reduce tinnitus symptoms. This plant extract decreases the viscosity of the blood and thus improves blood flow in the inner ear and brain.

St. John’s Wort Flower Heads– This particular plant extract is used to treat infections and ear pain, as it has great anti-inflammatory properties. It has also been used for centuries to manage bacterial and viral infections, trigeminal neuralgia and wound healing.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri– This herb has been used since Ayurvedic times to treat neurological disorders. In modern times, it is also used to improve learning and cognitive beahviors.

Vinpocetine Seeds– This ingredient has numerous uses starting with inhibiting ear inflammation and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases like dementia and stroke.


Huperzine-A aerial plant- This plant is also used to treat Alzheimer’s and also attenuates the increasing d-galactose, which is the main cause behind hearing dysfunctions.

Phosphatidylerine– It is a dietary nutrient and an endogenous phospholipid, which helps keep the myelin and nerve cell membranes healthy. As the human brain ages, its structure begins to detoriate.

Passion Flower

Passion Flower– This flower’s extract has analgesic, anti-spasmodic and sedating properties (used to treat insomnia and anxiety). It also helps in reducing stress, and improves neurotransmission and spatial memory.

Corydalis– It’s a traditional Chinese medicine with anti-inflammatory properties, used to treat hepatitis, scabies, skin injuries and cholecystitis.

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear– This ingredient is high in antioxidants and helps regulate insulin and glucose levels in diabetic patients.

What benefits can you expect?

Sharp Ear focuses on preserving the connection between the ear and the brain, so that we do not face the symptoms of hearing loss. It provides a new perspective to treat these symptoms. Some of its benefits are:

Get your hearing ability back– Sharp Ear focuses on restoring the connection between the brain and the ear. This not only improves hearing, but also restores brain function. This supplement claims to help regain not only their full hearing ability, but also make it better than before!

Improves memory and gets rid of brain fog– If a person is prone to forgetfulness or foggy memories, it might be due to the crappy communication between their brain cells. This neurotransmission can be improved with Sharp Ear to process the signals instantly. This will ensure faster ability to recall and keep the mind sharp and alert.

No need of risky surgeries– There is no need of cochlear implants or to spend thousands on surgeries. Sharp Ear is a non-invasive solution that claims to cure hearing loss after consumption of a single capsule every day (for a continued period of time).

Stop brain degeneration– Sharp Ear is made of ingredients that halt the progress of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, and keeps the brain healthy and running.

Get back your social life– Hearing loss makes it difficult to be an active part of conversations. One cannot even enjoy music or their favourite TV shows. But after using Sharp Ear, all these problems can be eliminated.

Side Effects, Dosage and How to use it?

Sharp Ear is made of all-natural ingredients hat claim to boost brain function and get rid of hearing loss. So if the correct dosage is followed, no known side effects or disadvantages are to be expected.

The supplement is free of synthetic compounds and stimulants. Sharp Ear has also undergone extensive laboratory testing and is manufactured in GMP and FDA approved facilities. Third-party testings have also been done to make the product reliable.

Dosage- Sharp ear is available in the form of capsules. It needs to be taken by mouth along with a glass of water. A bottle of Sharp Ear lasts for a month but it is recommended to use it for longer periods to get better results.

Necessary lifestyle changes also need to be made to get optimal results. This may include avoiding loud noises and getting proper nutrition.

Some other lifestyle changes may include:

♻ Always us earplugs when surrounded by loud noises.

♻ Listen using headphones for only 60 minutes every day and keep the volume at 60%.

♻ Do not let water enter your ears.

♻ Ear hygiene should strictly be followed.

♻ Do cardio exercises. This keeps the blood pumping throughout the body, including the ears.

This supplement is only for the use of adults (above the age of 18). It is not prescribed for pregnant or lactating women.

One must also check out the ingredient list to make sure that they are not allergic to any of them. A doctor must be consulted before the consumption of this supplement if you are taking regular medications for another medical condition.

Is it a Magic Pill?

Sharp Ear does not claim to be a magic pill. It is backed by science and works on the culmination of its all natural ingredients.

Hearing loss begins when the ear-brain connection begins to detoriate and the small hairs present in the inner ear begin to die.

Signals are not transmitted properly to the cochlear neurons and thus cannot be interpreted by the brain. This miscommunication leads to vertigo, memory loss, depression, and degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Sharp Ear mends these broken connections using all-natural ingredients that have proven to alleviate brain and ear functioning.

Price and Where to get it

Sharp ear special supplement is best bought from its official website. It is priced at $69 per bottle but the cost reduces on buying it in bulk.

The purchase does not come with any hidden subscriptions. Sharp Ear also provides discounts and free shipping on bulk purchases.

They also have a 100% money-back guarantee if no improvements have been seen after 60 days of product use.

Sharp Ear Reviews: Verdict

People tend to feel much older when they suffer from symptoms like memory loss and poor hearing. These conditions makes one question their capabilities, makes us self-conscious, thus negatively affecting our self-confidence.

When doctors also cannot figure out the cause behind these problems, and you think that you have exhausted every possible outlet, then you can give harp Ear a try.

It is all-natural and claims to reverse the hearing loss and also boost the functioning of the brain. This can also improve one’s focus, memory, and concentration.

This supplement is also recommended for people who want to avoid the onset of problems like memory loss, tinnitus, and brain fog. Fight off these symptoms beforehand as prevention is surely better than cure!