Smoothie Diet Reviews – Does It Work For Weight Loss?

Have you gone through The Smoothie Diet reviews online yet? Among a variety of diet options that promise to help lose weight, is this latest addition- the Smoothie diet.

It is agreed that the name is undoubtedly enticing but does the Smoothie Diet work, or is it just a scam in the name of weight loss?

The idea behind the diet is to initially identify what factor is causing excessive weight gain in your body and tackle it with a remedial smoothie.

The concept sure does sound exciting, compared to other stringent diets and tedious cardio sessions. But losing weight can be tiring even when one religiously follows a diet and exercise regime.

In such a predicament, how smoothies can induce weight loss so quickly is a valid question.

This Smoothie diet reviews aims to look into this aspect and more.

What Is It?

If one has tried to lose weight, they’d understand that weight loss is not an easy path.

The constant cravings, stubborn belly fat and varying blood sugar levels put one in a physical and emotional turmoil topped with stress.

Most solutions that offer to help in this process also, for that fact, do not promise anything conclusive.

One week into the weight-loss program would have you feeling lost on a far-fetched plan that never really works out.

Smoothie Diet Reviews

The Smoothie Diet ebook, in contrast to other weight loss programs, is a unique 3-week weight loss program.

It claims to work exclusively through custom made smoothie recipes. The recipes are not random hit or miss recipes but sequentially planned to target different factors that cause weight gain.

The ingredient and nutrient ratio in each recipe also varies for the same reason. The creators of this program credit the assurance of rapid results to the extensive scientific research which helped identify the right ingredients.

These ingredients are meant to replace individual meals a day, in the form of a refreshing smoothie to initiate fat burning.

The program claims to be flexible such that it can be extended even beyond three weeks to expand weight loss goals and bring about overall wellness.

The program also comes with other benefits and bonuses in the form of an instantly accessible online pdf.

About The Creator

The Smoothie Diet was created by board-certified health coach and renowned nutrition expert Drew Scouts. 

Smoothie Diet Reviews

He claims that the diet plan was initially used exclusively for his private clients. However, on observing consistent, time-bound results, he formulated it into an extensive guide that works for everyone irrespective of their weight loss goals.

It was observed that replacing solid meals with entirely natural smoothies, cutting down sugar and fats became easier.

Further, with appropriate ingredients in specific quantities, fat-burning became more comfortable and faster. The smoothies use real ingredients, and Drew does not recommend using any processed food in it.

How Does It Work?

The Smoothie Diet works in multiple ways to provide necessary nutrients to one’s body to reduce craving and maintain energy levels.

Thereby, it not only keeps your diet healthy but also reduces additional snacking and stress eating.

Further, the ingredients suggested also aim to flush out harmful toxins from the body.

The program involves green smoothies recipes and schedules that ensure an adequate supply of vegetables and fruits to the body. These help one feel full and energised throughout the day.

Smoothie Diet Reviews

Thereby, the tendency to eat sugary snacks is also reduced. These recipes also involve antioxidant ingredients that remove toxins from the body and kick start fat-burning.

The program also fosters good weight management habits like daily journaling, healthy eating and conscious shopping.

There are specific resources involved in supporting these factors. There are also workout plans and guides to support a holistic improvement in well-being.

The program also works for kids and people with other diseases like type 2 diabetes or allergies. There are unique recipes that are gluten-free, diabetes-friendly, and kids- friendly.

Features Of The Smoothie Diet

The Smoothie Diet works similar to a 28-day keto challenge but is less tedious. It begins with a 3-day detox followed by the actual diet.

During the diet, one can replace any two main meals with smoothies and eat a 3rd meal with any low-calorie meal. The systematically structured, Smoothie Diet package makes this more manageable with the following resources:

  • The Main guide includes a ready-planned out 5-week schedule for weight loss, smoothie recipes, educational material on food

  • recommendations, smoothie making basics and the whole science behind the program.

  • Smoothie schedule lays out the five-week planner with 7-day slots (you can cheat on Sundays though).

  • Shopping lists for being conscious about what is healthy and needed.

  • Printable Recipe Cards.

  • Daily journals for tracking moods, digestion, craving and overall progress.

  • Workout plans charted out as easy, intermediate, and advanced levels for busy people.

  • Additional recipes that are diabetes-friendly, gluten-free, and for children.

All these materials are entirely digital and hence instantly accessible on payment. Apart from these materials, the package also involves additional bonuses that enhance the effectiveness of the weight loss process.

Why Is The Smoothie Diet Useful?

On the contrary to other diet plans and weight loss programs, the Smoothie Diet seems to be systematic and beneficial in many respects.

The users show significant results and the concept, on the whole, seems more practical and more comfortable to stick to. Some of the known advantages in trying the Smoothie Diet would be that:

  • The guide is highly educative and structured when it comes to understanding weight loss programs and how it can be tackled.

  • It is inexpensive compared to gym ownerships and nutritionist consultation.

  • It promises time-bound results which are vouched by its previous users.

  • The ingredients recommended are highly researched and included.

  • The recipes keep toxins away and stimulate regular hormone functioning.

  • It also improves sleep quality and provides muscles an athletic build

These advantages are observed simultaneously with the significant results of time-bound fat loss through nothing but smoothies.

Smoothie Diet Bonuses

Apart from the 21-day weight loss and 36 smoothie recipes, the Smoothie Diet package also includes two other attractive Smoothie Diet Bonuses. They are:

Bonus 1: The 3-day detox program that helps cleanse the body of toxins before starting the diet. It has meal replacement smoothie recipes with options and shopping lists as well. It is meant to “reset” the body and prepare it for the diet.
Bonus 2: Quickstart guide, which is a printable, easy reference to the whole 3-week Smoothie Diet plan. It charts out the diet into an easy “to-do list” form to help you keep on track and stay motivated.

These bonuses are also instantly available on the purchase of the program and require no additional payment.

How Much Does This Program Cost?

The entire Smoothie Diet program inclusive of all additional bonuses cost $37. One gets instant access to all these resources and the Smoothie Diet free download facility on the payment itself.

Further one has lifetime access to these materials without any renewal fee or subscription charges.

Additionally, the official website also offers a 60-day full refund for the payment if the program does not work well for you.

Therefore, there is minimal risk of losing out money.


How Can You Get Hands On It?

The best place to purchase Smoothie Diet is its official website. It is best not to purchase the program from anywhere, lest you may fall prey to some other scam of the Smoothie Diet.

Besides this, one may not be able to avail the bonus or refund if they have purchased the product from anywhere else.

Therefore the official website would be the safest option to buy the product.


The Smoothie Dietis an innovative approach to weight loss which works by replacing regular meals with healthy and nutritious smoothies.

The program promises a three-week plan for assured weight loss and metabolism improvement. The ingredients recommended for the smoothies are natural, fruit, and vegetables which are rich sources of nutrients, antioxidants, and other metabolism boosters.

On the official website of the product, the Smoothie Diet video explains the scientific background of how the ingredients are chosen, and their measurements are determined.

Further, the Smoothie Diet results reported by several users also suggest high effectiveness compared to other weight loss programs.

The plan also promises to work for any range of weight loss goals and is suitable for extended use beyond the said 3-week period as well.

Apart from the main guide for the Smoothie Diet, which lays out the diet plan, the program comes with additional resources and bonus guides. 

These include detox guides, shopping lists, workout plans, 36 different smoothie recipes which are suitable for kids, gluten-free and diabetes-friendly and extensive planners which help stay organised with the diet.

All these resources are digital and instantly accessible on payment. Besides this, the price for the program comes with a 60-day full refund guarantee.

his means that one has enough time to try the program and opt for a refund if there is no improvement. Therefore, it is a stress-free option for anyone interested in weight loss without much hassle.