When To Drink Smoothies For Weight Loss?

Smoothies are considered to be a boon for people trying to lose weight. This is because they are in liquid form and the calorie count in liquid has hunger curbing power compared to calories taken from solid food.

Most people do not have a particular time for a smoothie, as it is confusing. A smoothie can be treated as your fuel for the body for an entire day.

Not only are they beneficial for health, but they taste great as well.

Smoothies For Weight Loss

A perfect smoothie is full of vitamins, minerals, and fibers. You can also add extra fruits and vegetables according to your taste to add your smoothie’s nutritional value.

Many research results have shown that one adult out of 10 has a total intake of fruit and vegetables in a day when they take five servings of the smoothie on that particular day. I suggest Meticore supplement, it is capable of assisting to lose weight without having to follow any unhealthy lifestyle changes. They also show statistics of about 2 lakh people who have benefitted from this exclusive metabolism-boosting supplement.

Below given are some of the suggested times to drink a smoothie in your day for weight loss.

  • Morning time:
Morning time smoothie

Many people have a hard time to get an early start in the morning. In this situation, it is better to prepare the ingredients of your smoothie well in advance.

It includes putting your ingredients into your blending cup so that you can easily add your required amount of milk in the morning and have your smoothie.

It is always advised to have a couple of fruits and vegetables in your morning smoothie as it provides you with the nutrition that you require for your activities of the day.

One example of a classic smoothie is prepared with an optimum balance of banana, vegetables, and oats. If you come in the type of people who love to have caffeine to start their day, you can try adding fresh caffeine to your smoothie mix.

  • Before and after a workout:
Before and after a workout:smoothie

It is always considered to have your carbohydrates and proteins before a workout, as the carbohydrates taken by your body will fuel your muscle.

Moreover, a post-workout meal must be focused on gaining the nutrients that are lost during workouts, such as proteins that help your body build and repair muscles.

 One of the classic pre-workouts smoothies should be taken 30 minutes to 3 hours before the workout so that it can work adequately on energizing your body.

Some of the options include a smoothie made from apple/banana and peanut butter, nuts/seeds and yogurts and oatmeals, and berries.

For a post-workout smoothie, one should focus on increasing the protein amount in the smoothie as that will help in rebuilding the muscles.

  • Lunch Time:
Lunch Time smoothie

In this busy schedule, most of the time, people are unable to have a full meal. In this case, you must not sacrifice the nutritional needs of your body such that a good smoothie can help you to cater to the dietary needs of your body.

Some examples of a good lunch smoothie are avocado blueberry with peanut butter and jelly mixed with green vegetables like spinach and added with nuts and seeds to provide an extra boost of healthy fats into your diet.

  • For satisfying sweet tooth:

Many times people have a craving to eat something sweet. In this case, having a dessert smoothie without any added sugar is the best option.

One can add ice to blend and get a smoother smoothie and top it with their favorite sweeteners such as caramel apple, mint, and sweet chocolate.

  • Dinner Smoothie:
Dinner Smoothie:

Having a smoothie in the evening can become a significant part of having a better impact on your sleep.

The ingredients suggested to help regulate your hormones and the body’s biological clock are cherries, pistachio, fruits, and vegetables.


Smoothies can help you to fuel your body’s needs all around the day.

It is essential to have good fruit and vegetable intake along with smoothie to have a balanced diet. This can help a lot in your weight loss journey.